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Our Training Plans are designed to help athletes of all experience levels train for their goals. We offer training plans for a wide variety of endurance sports and distances. We invite you to explore below to learn more and to Contact Us if you have any questions.

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Types of Training Plans Currently Offered:

Why might a Training Plan be right for you?

A Training Plan is an excellent option if you want to follow a structured plan to your goal race, whether you are a beginner getting started in the endurance sports world, you are an experienced athlete wanting to take the next step toward achieving your goals, and/or if you want to get a taste of what coaching can offer you. (If you are seeking a more personalized training plan, we invite you to learn more about a Custom-Built Training Plan and/or to contact us.)

Will a Training Plan help me be ready for my goal race?

These Training Plans are written with specific sports and distances in mind by an experienced, professional coach who has coached hundreds of athletes to successful finishes, including athletes who have stood on the top of National Championship podiums, who have qualified for the IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship, and who have achieved personal best times. You can trust that the plan you follow will prepare you well for race day!

How does a Training Plan work?

You can browse our library of Training Plans on Final Surge to see which plan suits you best.  Once you select and purchase your Training Plan, it is delivered to you via Final Surge.  You then follow the Training Plan independently until the end of the plan.

What if I have questions about my Training Plan?

A Training Plan is an independent product, which means that there isn’t any communication or feedback included.  If you have questions or decide that you would like some more feedback that a Training Plan offers, you can add on other coaching services such as Consultations.  Consultations are billed in quarter-hour increments.  You may also upgrade to a Custom-Built Training Plan or Performance Coaching for additional charges.  Please contact Coach Laura if you would like to purchase additional services or upgrade.


Plans & pricing

Here’s a quick breakdown of our most popular Training Plans and prices (click on the links to learn more about each service):

Bike Pump

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/ month
Service Medal

Item #2 - Pricing Notes

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/ year

Item #3 - Pricing Notes

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/ month
Guy Walking

Item #4 - Pricing Notes

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/ day

Item #5 - Pricing Notes

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Frequently asked questions

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What variety of Training Plans does Full Circle Endurance offer?

Full Circle Endurance offers a diverse range of training plans catering to different sports and fitness levels. These include plans for running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, and more. Each plan is designed to suit various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes, ensuring everyone can find a plan that matches their needs.

How are Full Circle Endurance's Training Plans different from generic training plans?

Unlike generic training plans, our plans are designed with a personalized approach. They consider your specific goals, fitness level, and personal schedule. Our plans also include detailed workout descriptions, pacing guidance, and tips for race day preparation, offering a more comprehensive and tailored training experience.

Can I modify a Training Plan if my circumstances change?

Yes, flexibility is a key aspect of our training plans. We understand that your availability and goals might change. Our coaches are available to help adjust your plan accordingly, ensuring that it remains aligned with your current situation and goals.

Do the Training Plans include nutrition and recovery strategies?

Absolutely! Nutrition and recovery are critical components of effective training. Our plans come with guidance on proper nutrition, hydration strategies, and recovery techniques to complement your physical training, helping you to achieve optimal performance and health.

How do I track my progress with a Full Circle Endurance Training Plan?

Our training plans are designed to be used in conjunction with training apps and devices that track your progress. You'll receive instructions on how to log and monitor your workouts, allowing both you and your coach to keep track of your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

How can I compare the different Training Plans that Full Circle Endurance offers?

A general price breakdown is included for each of our training plans on the individual pages above. Click one of the services to view more information. Have more questions - feel free to contact us!

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