Our Mentoring program offers coaches, aspiring coaches, and athletes one-on-one support from a coach with more than a decade of experience working as a coach and running a full-time coaching business.

“Every coach needs a coach.”

My late friend and mentor, Coach Brendan Jackson, taught me early in my coaching career that the learning never ends and that every coach needs a coach.  I credit Coach Brendan and countless other mentors with helping me to grow into a confident, competent, compassionate, and effective coach.

Coaching has been my full-time profession for many years, and I continue to learn through both formal continued education avenues and the interactions I have and the relationships I develop with coaches and athletes in the endurance sports community.

Over the last few years, I have had the honor to mentor new and seasoned coaches alike. I know what it takes to build a coaching business from the ground up and how to sustain it as a full-time profession.  I love collaborating, sharing ideas, and answering questions.  Let’s start a conversation!

If you would like to establish a formal mentoring relationship, I do work with coaches one-on-one in this capacity.

Mentoring includes:

  • Unlimited communication
  • Answers to any/all coaching questions you come up with
  • Helping you fine-tune best business practices to grow your coaching business
  • Helping you develop good habits and procedures that will enable you to be a competent and effective coach

Plans & pricing

Here’s a quick breakdown of our most popular services and prices (click on the links to learn more about each service):

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