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Frequently asked questions

What types of endurance sports does Full Circle Endurance specialize in?

Full Circle Endurance specializes in coaching athletes who participate in a wide variety of endurance sports, including running, triathlon, cycling, and open water swimming. We develop effective training for athletes of all abilities, from beginners to advanced and elites. We provide training that is both specialized and personalized for each athlete and their sport of choice.

How does Full Circle Endurance customize training programs for individual athletes?

We begin with a conversation with you, the athlete. We discuss your personal goals and schedule and we assess your current fitness level. Based on these conversations, we recommend the appropriate Coaching Service that best suits your needs, your schedule, and your budget. If you select a personalized coaching service such as Performance Coaching or a Custom-Built Training Plan, we write programming that suits you and fits into your life that helps you make progress toward the goals you have set for yourself.

Are group training sessions available?

We offer a wide variety of Coaching Services, and occasionally offer in-person group sessions and clinics based on the time of year and level of interest. We also specialize in creating unique Camps & Clinics based on the specific desires and objectives of our clients.

How does Full Circle Endurance measure and track the progress of its athletes?

Different Coaching Services have different levels of feedback and analysis. For athletes seeking higher levels of feedback and analysis, we recommend our Performance Coaching service. For athletes on Performance Coaching, we track an athlete’s progress on a daily and weekly basis through a combination of data analysis, athlete feedback, and regular check-ins and fitness assessments.

How much are Coaching Services?

Pricing varies depending on the service being provided. Please visit the individual Coaching Services page you are interested in to learn more.