Aquathlon Custom-Built Training Plans

Our Aquathlon Custom-Built Training Plans are developed for individual athletes seeking to take on the Aquathlon discipline of multisport. Custom-Built Training Plans are designed around each athlete’s individual strengths, limiters, and schedules to help them meet their unique needs, train well, reduce injury risk, and achieve their best performance.

Why might a Custom-Built Training Plan be right for you?

A Custom-Built Training Plan is an excellent option if you want the wisdom and experience of a professional coach guiding your training, but don’t need or desire a coach to be watching over your training each day.

What do you need to begin a Custom-Built Training Plan?

Any athlete can benefit from a Custom-Built Training Plan, whether you are brand-new to or experienced in endurance sports.  Being able to follow through with completing workouts without oversight is the main skill that is needed to successfully benefit from a Custom-Built Training Plan.

What will the Custom-Built Training Plan experience be like?

The process begins with a conversation so the coach can get to understand your abilities and goals.  After learning more about your life obligations, what a typical training week looks like for you, and what you are seeking to gain from the Custom-Built Training Plan, the coach designs three (3) or more months of training sessions created and prescribed uniquely for you.

Your Custom-Built Training Plan is delivered to you via Final Surge (a Final Surge account is free).  You then follow the Training Plan independently until the end of the plan; no feedback or communication is included beyond when the Custom-Built Training Plan is delivered.  At that time, you may repeat this process for another three (3) or more months.

During the time you are on a Custom-Built Training Plan, you will have access to monthly webinar sessions with other Full Circle Endurance athletes covering various topics pertaining to endurance sports.

What is the difference between a Custom-Built Training Plan and Performance Coaching?

There are two main differences between a Custom-Built Training Plan and Performance Coaching:

  1. The length of training that is delivered.
  2. The amount of feedback and communication that is included.

A Custom-Built Training Plan includes three (3) months of training at a time.  The coach is writing the workouts within the plan based on what the coach reasonably expects the athlete will be able to do as they progress through the Custom-Built Training Plan.  In Performance Coaching, the coach is delivering training one week at a time and is writing training based on what the athlete is actually doing in training.

A Custom-Built Training Plan does not include any communication – to include edits or modifications to the Training Plan – beyond the initial conversation.  It also does not include any analysis of the workouts that are completed.  Performance Coaching includes workout analysis and consistent communication throughout the entirety of the training process.

What happens if you decide you want more communication or edits to your Custom-Built Training Plan once it is delivered?

If you decide that you’d like more communication with your coach, you may purchase Consultations in quarter-hour increments at a rate of $75 per hour.  Alternatively, you may upgrade to Performance Coaching; credit will be given for the remaining portion of your Custom-Built Training Plan toward the fee for Performance Coaching.


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Aquathlon Custom-Built Training Plan

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Aquathlon Custom-Built Training Plan

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