Marathon Training Plans

Our Marathon Training Plans are designed for athletes seeking to take on the challenge of running 26.2 miles. Our Training Plans focus on building your endurance, developing fueling and hydration strategies, and improving your strength while minimizing injury risk so you are well-prepared for race day.

What is a Marathon?

A Marathon is a running event that is 26.2 miles long.  It can take place on any surface – the road, on trails, or even on a track.

Why might a Marathon Training Plan be right for you?

A Marathon Training Plan is an excellent option if you want to follow a structured plan to your goal marathon, whether you are a beginner preparing to run your first marathon, you are an experienced athlete wanting to take the next step in your marathon journey, and/or if you want to get a taste of what coaching can offer you. (If you are seeking a more personalized training plan, we invite you to learn more about a Custom-Built Training Plan and/or to contact us.)

Will a Marathon Training Plan help me be ready for my goal race?

These Marathon Training Plans are written specifically for athletes preparing for the marathon distance by an experienced, professional coach who has coached hundreds of athletes to successful finishes and personal best times. You can trust that the plan you follow will prepare you well for race day!

How does a Marathon Training Plan work?

We offer Marathon Training Plans on two different training platforms: Final Surge and TrainingPeaks.

You can browse our library of Marathon Training Plans on Final Surge and on TrainingPeaks to see which plan suits you best.  Once you select and purchase your Marathon Training Plan, it is delivered to you via Final Surge or TrainingPeaks (depending on which platform you choose/prefer).  You then follow the Marathon Training Plan independently until the end of the plan.

How long will my Marathon Training Plan be?

Each athlete is different in terms of how long they have to prepare for their goal race, what their running training background is like, etc.  For this reason, we offer several different durations of Marathon Training Plans:

  • 12-Week Marathon Training Plans
    • <span style="color: #FF6666;">Special Note About 12-Week Marathon Training Plans:</span> This duration is best suited for athletes who have at least three months of running training experience and who can run at least a half marathon.  12 weeks is NOT a sufficient amount of time to prepare safely for a Marathon for someone who is new to running or who has not been recently running.
  • 20-Week Marathon Training Plans
  • 26-Week Marathon Training Plans

What if I have questions about my Marathon Training Plan?

A Marathon Training Plan is an independent product, which means that there isn’t any communication or feedback included.  If you have questions or decide that you would like some more feedback that a Marathon Training Plan offers, you can add on other coaching services such as Consultations.  Consultations are billed in quarter-hour increments.  

You may also upgrade to a Custom-Built Training Plan or Performance Coaching for additional charges.  Your current fitness level, abilities, goals, and schedule are accounted for with a Custom-Built Training Plan or Performance Coaching to build a training plan just for you, making it a much more individualized service.  Please contact Coach Laura if you would like to purchase additional services or upgrade.


Plans & pricing

Here’s a quick breakdown of our most popular services and prices (click on the links to learn more about each service):

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