Athletic Performance Coaching

Suitable for athletes of all abilities and experience levels, Athletic Performance Coaching is personal and customized training written weekly with a high level of communication in order to help you achieve your goals and your potential.

Why might Athletic Performance Coaching be right for you?

True coaching is much more than following a training plan of workouts.  With Athletic Performance Coaching, you establish a relationship with an expert who cares deeply about your goals and who has the expertise to help you achieve them.

Why should you hire an Endurance Coach?

An Endurance Coach is someone who will combine science with their experience to your unique situation and goals to help you reach your true potential.  Your goals are as unique as you are; so whether you are seeking to finish an important race, to stay active and injury-free, to accomplish a personal endurance goal, or any/all of the above, a caring Endurance Coach can help you chart the course to success.

What are the benefits of working with a professional Endurance Coach?

  • Custom training sessions created and prescribed uniquely for you
  • Flexibility to adjust/modify training as-needed
  • Training delivered, monitored, and analyzed via Final Surge (a Final Surge account is free)
  • Effective coaching and training plan development that takes all of the obligations and priorities that are important to you into account to help you include sport in your life in a balanced, joyful way
  • An Endurance Coach who is deeply invested in your goals, who will be your biggest cheerleader, and who will celebrate your accomplishments with you every step of the way
  • Monthly webinar sessions with other Full Circle Endurance athletes covering various topics pertaining to endurance sports

What will the Athletic Performance Coaching experience be like?

Your workouts/training will be delivered weekly via Final Surge.  This allows your Endurance Coach to review your recent training and recommend the best upcoming training for you based on how things are actually going for you.  This provides a customized level of service that is not possible in other forms of training plans.  All completed workouts and post-workout notes are reviewed by your Endurance Coach within 48 hours of being uploaded into Final Surge.

Communication primarily takes place via Final Surge and via email.  If you prefer calls, you have the option of scheduling a weekly call (video or voice – your choice) with your Endurance Coach.

What do you need in order to begin working with an Endurance Coach?

Any athlete can work with an Endurance Coach, whether they are brand-new or experienced in endurance sports.  A learning spirit and receptiveness to feedback are the main elements that help athletes get the most out of their relationship working with an Endurance Coach.


Plans & pricing

Here’s a quick breakdown of our most popular services and prices (click on the links to learn more about each service):

Performance Coaching

$250 per month + One-Time Start-Up Fee of $100

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per month
Custom-Built Training Plan

$100 per month written + One-Time Start-Up Fee of $100

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per month
Pre-Built Training Plan

Pricing varies based on the length of the plan.

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per plan
Endurance Coaching Consultations

$75 per hour (Billed in quarter-hour increments)

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per hour

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