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Our bike fitting service aims to improve your comfort and efficiency on a bicycle. After an analysis is conducted and measurements are taken, your bicycle is adjusted to account for your unique physiology. This creates a more comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient riding experience, which can lead to injury risk reduction and improved cycling performance.

What is a bike fit?

The purpose of a bike fit is to make a person as comfortable and efficient as possible on a bicycle. This is done by taking a few body measurements and then having the person ride.  (If you are looking for more information, we invite you to read a more in-depth, detailed description of what a bike fit is.)

Over the next hour or so, adjustments are made to the bike to make the rider as comfortable and efficient as possible.  Comfort comes from the rider’s subjective input, while efficiency comes from the fitter conducting body movement assessments and taking objective measurements.  

Why get a bike fit?

If someone purchases a suit, they typically take it to the tailor so that the suit will fit them well and be comfortable to wear.  This analogy can be applied to bikes; if you purchase a bike and intend to ride it, why not make it as comfortable and efficient as possible to ride?  

Increasing one’s comfort on a bike can greatly enhance one’s ride experience, making bikes that much more fun to ride.  Riders can reduce their risk of injury by simultaneously decreasing stress and increasing efficiency on the bike; a bike fit helps ensure that the proper muscles are being utilized for movement while riding.

Who would benefit from a bike fit?

Anyone who rides a bicycle can benefit from a bike fit – from amateur, first-time riders to high-level, competitive athletes.  Everyone who rides a bike deserves to be as comfortable as they can be while they are riding.

Thinking about buying a bike and want to know if it will work for you?

A Pre-Purchase Bike Fit might be the best option for you!

Did You Know?

Full Circle Endurance athletes currently on Performance Coaching receive discounted Pre-Purchase Bike Fitting and Bike Fitting services.


Plans & pricing

Here’s a quick breakdown of our most popular services and prices (click on the links to learn more about each service):

Bike Fitting

The fitter may determine during the fit that additional parts are needed to optimize the fit, such as a new saddle, stem, or handlebars. Additional parts are not included in this price. ‍Free Bike Fit Checks for six months after an initial bike fit is conducted are included in this price.

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